Comfortable and safe urban environment

The Caspian Center for Entrepreneurship of Yessenov University, together with the Faculty of Business and Law, has begun a series of Guest and Mentoring meetings of students and faculty within the framework of the study of the discipline “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship” with successful entrepreneurs, government officials, experts, innovators.

The first Speaker of the Guest lecture on the topic “Comfortable and safe urban environment” was the deputy akim of Aktau city – Gusman Serik Gimiranovich, who spoke about the main aspects of the city’s development, including the problematic issues of housing and communal services, as one of the main forms of comfort and safety life of citizens.

At the end of the lecture, the speaker called on students to be active, business-oriented, and in order to succeed in any field of activity, it is necessary to have leadership qualities, certain knowledge and skills, be able to organize people and manage time wisely and much more.