Opening of the audience named after Fariza Ongarsynova

An educational audience named after Fariza Ongarsynova opened at Yessenov University, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the famous Kazakh poet, national writer, journalist, public figure, laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan.
After opening the class, the evening of poetry “Poetry of the Padishas” was held in the hall of the University’s Atrium, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Fariza Ongarsynova. Students at Yessenov University expressively read the poems of Fariza.
In the next three years, university scientists decided to take part in the scientific and practical conference “Poetics of the works of Fariza Ongarsynova” and expressed appreciation for the university’s support in an in-depth study of the poetry of Fariza Ongarsynova.
The evening was attended by: from Yerzhan Kumiskaliev, singers Ekpin Tolkynkhan, Aigul Kubash, Gulyayim Kozantaykyzy, Tergeu Aidarkhanov, Akshagul Ramazanova, teacher Zhumagul Mursal.
The evening of poetry was very emotional and informative.