Creative Circles

The main factors of educational work at the university are, firstly, self-organization of the university, secondly, stimulation of student self-government in the field of science and training and organization of leisure of students.

Supporting talented youth, increase of creative potential of students is one of the important parts of the plan of development strategy of Esenov University.

Apart from classes on educational programs of higher education in order to develop creative abilities, aesthetic tastes of youth, increase of social activity, effective organization of leisure time at the university there is a group of development of creativity of students.

In clubs of development of creativity of students fashion studio, choreography studio, vocal studio and School of presenters teach students dance movements using rational techniques and techniques, in a short time choreographic productions – Kazakh, Tatar, Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Turkmen, Chechen, Korean folk dances, ballroom, oriental dances, modern ” huir-hop “the preparation of dance performances in several directions of style allows performing on a professional level, attracting to state holidays, Youth, who used to do no dancing.

Also on national instruments such clubs as dombra, kobyz, Zhetygen, guitar  students will be raised in the national style through lessons of Kazakh culture, history, the study of moral kuy of spiritual ancestors.

The most agile, active, talented students participate in regional, city competitions, regularly, with interest performing at the cultural and mass events of the university.