Health and Welbeing

fight against drug trafficking

In order to implement the “Comprehensive Plan for the fight against drug trafficking in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2023-2025” at Yessenov University, the program “we are against drug addiction!”a preventive meeting was held.

military training classes

The Military Department of Yessenov University accepted first-year students. Our officers began to conduct general military training classes.Training at the military department is carried out by state educational order and on a paid basis under reserve officer training programs, starting from the second and third courses, for two years.


Yessenov University hosted a solemn ceremony of closing and awarding the winners of the traditional contest “Spartakiad-2024“. More than 200 teachers and employees of the university took an active part in the annual competitions, setting an example for young people in promoting a healthy lifestyle. 10 teams in 7 sports took part in the competition “Spartakiad-2024”. 

Preparing young people for family life

Yessenov University hosted a guest lecture for students and teachers on the topic: “Preparing young people for family life is an urgent problem” with the head of the medical and Genetic Department of the regional perianth Center, chief freelance specialist of the Mangystau region, doctor-geneticist Nurgul Salamatovna Zhusupova.