Volunteers club

The purpose of a club for volunteers is to mobilize students to make a difference in their community through volunteerism, while also providing a supportive and enriching experience for members to grow personally and professionally. 

Dance club “Freedom"

The main goal of the club is to promote a well-being among students through fitness and dance.

Poetry club "Shoqzhuldyz"

The main goal of the club is to organize a poetry evening, to show Kazakh identity and to glorify the Great Kazakh Ancestors. To stimulate the interest of young people in literature and to introduce them to art.

Debate club “Kemel"

Club purpose:

-Discussion of current problems, call for patriotism;

-Development of the youth movement and actions;

-Strengthening good relations with other universities working in the interests of Yessenov University;

-Increasing the number of politically educated young people;

Help students spend their free time efficiently and efficiently

Ladies club “Ayala"

The main goal of the club is to serve as a social organization where women and girls can come together to connect, share common interests, and support one another in various aspects of their lives.

Theatre club “Sher”

The purpose of this Bringing together young people of different professions into one channel;

Discovering new facets of the student;

Promotion of theatrical art within the walls of the University;

XVI Republican subject Olympiad

YESSENOV University hosted the XVI Republican subject Olympiad on the educational program “Training of chemistry teachers”, organized by the Department of Natural Sciences of the Faculty of Science and technology. Students of 16 universities of the country took part in the Olympiad. The Olympiad was held in 2 stages. At the first stage, students demonstrated their theoretical knowledge, and at the second stage, they demonstrated their knowledge by conducting experiments.

Solving social problems with design tools

A guest lecture was held at Yessenov University on the topic “solving social problems with design tools: the experience of Bauhaus and Vkhutemas in the 20-30s” with the participation of Asel Akhmetzhanova, curator and founder of the YEMAA Center for modern culture. During the lecture, design was considered not only as a way to form a visual environment, but also as an opportunity to solve social problems and improve the quality of life of society.

Children are our future

Within the framework of the project of the House of friendship of the region “Eltanu” on June 1-the International Children’s day, a festive event “Gul zhainagan balgynder of the region” was held at Yessenov University, organized by the Aktau city maslikhat, the assembly of peoples of Kazakhstan and the Mangistau Regional Department of education and Amanat, Folk Village parties

Fair of vacancies and professions

The youth Career Forum 2024 was held at Yessenov University. Within the framework of the Forum, a “Fair of vacancies and professions” was organized for graduates of the University. During the Youth Career Forum 2024, a panel session “labor market, investment policy of the region and my professional career: points of contact” was held. Within the framework of the panel session, a lively discussion was held with the speakers of the forum invited by potential employers of the University on the topics: “The real needs of employers in personnel”, “Mechanisms of interaction between employers and employment agencies in modern conditions”, “Rethinking the future of Labor: artificial intelligence in the career”.

women and girls in art

Cultural and educational event “Beauty on the water” organized by Yessenov University together with the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Aktau to empower women and girls in art

educational savings deposit

Educational savings deposit” AQYL ” is a profitable opportunity for any citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan to open an educational savings deposit, which in the future can be used in his name or in the name of his child to pay for Vocational, Technical and higher education in the country and abroad.