Energy and climate change

Energy efficiency

Yessenov University has implemented the use of energy-saving technologies as a part of increasing the energy efficiency of the institution, which allows to significantly reduce the costs of utility payments, as well as to effectively manage the property complex, one of the main costs of educational activities.

At the university, the main potential for saving electricity was identified when switching from conventional incandescent and fluorescent lamps to LEDs with efficient discharge lamps.

The university has installed 13 automated systems of control and accounting of electricity.

Smart Building Implementation

Yessenov University has a new single sign-on technology for the University staff  (Single Sign-On) common portal

With YU ID, users can easily access all available university services, such as email, Canvas LMS, Univer and more. An important advantage of YU ID is the ability to view a list of all services that can be used by students and employees. This gives users full control over their accounts and facilitates the process of working with university services.

Access to sports clubs

Yessenov University has a website intended for students who want to engage in sports or creativity and choose a section according to the schedule. The website has a schedule of all available sections indicating class times and locations. Students can choose a day and time that suits them and see what sections are available at that time. They can also learn about the trainers and a description of each section. The site provides free registration for the section chosen by the student. The site has a convenient and intuitive interface that allows students to quickly and easily find the necessary information and register for the section. It also ensures the confidentiality of personal information.