Characteristics of the specialty:
Nowadays specialty “Mathematics”  is one of the most  demanded  specialties. The great demand for the training of specialists is due to the increased responsibility for pedagogical personnel. The modern mathematician should be responsible, has to  have competitiveness, versatility, high level of thinking, deep knowledge, creative ability to solve any problem, capable of self-improvement.
Opportunities of students in the framework of training in the specialty:
Trainees in the specialty “Mathematics” are active in participating in scientific research, in republican, regional and city events. The result of the research work of students is the participation of students in subject Olympiads, contests, conferences and other scientific events, as well as increasing the number of successful students. Students of the specialty “Mathematics” won prizes at the Republican subject Olympiad among students of  higher educational institutions of  the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the competition of research works.
A student who has graduated from the specialty “Mathematics” is able to:
In the specialty “Mathematics” students get knowledge on the theoretical foundations of mathematical science, logic and methodology of scientific pedagogical research, theory and methods of mathematical training in conditions of vocational training, on modern pedagogical technologies. Apply information technologies, ways and methods of creative thinking in pedagogical practice, create mathematical models for describing various phenomena and facts. Learn the skills of solving applied skills, the ability to analyze their effectiveness, teach in secondary and professional educational institutions, carry out innovative activities in their specialty.
Student after completion of training:

  • knows how to choose the apparatus and method of studying the simplest problems of mathematics;
  • knows the historical experience in the development of mathematical science, the reform of mathematical education, the basic facts and patterns of the development of mathematics, the pedagogical process .;
  • knows the theory and methodology of mathematical education, scientific methods of truth recognition, modern pedagogical technologies;
  • forms deep empirical and theoretical knowledge, competence and skills of theoretical and experimental activities in the theory and technology of teaching mathematics and innovative pedagogical technologies relevant to the development of the national education system of the individual.
  • is able to apply theoretical knowledge, skills, abilities in professional activity and realizes them in the further professional growth.

The teacher of mathematics after the graduation can find a job in the following institutions, organizations:
– teacher in institutions of secondary and vocational education, methodologist, head of educational, methodological, educational work, etc
.- in state institutions (administrative, youth committees, city and district departments of education), a specialist at various levels;
– in research centers;
– in various private organizations, where mathematical methods are applied.

Short information

Specialty code: 5B010900
Academic degree: Bachelor of Education in specialty 5В010900- Mathematics
Subject of choice: Mathematics
Profile: Physics
Type and duration of studies: Full-time – 4 years
Paid training:443 300 Tenge / 1 academic year
On the basis of secondary special education
General profile subject:Fundamentals of Pedagogy and Psychology
Profile: Mathematics
Duration of training: 3 years
Paid training:175 000 Tenge / 1 academic year

The knowledge gained in the university allowed me to take the second place in the competition for research work among university students in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kulboldin Daniyar

For two consecutive years I took the second place at the Republican subject Olympiad. For which I am grateful to my native university.

Nurzhigit Nurbolat

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