Description of specialty:
The main task of the specialty is the training of highly professional specialists who are able to work effectively in a market economy taking into account the specifics of current situation in Kazakhstan.
The financier is one of the most prestigious professions of our time. Specialists of this field of activity are highly valued by their high qualification, because the purpose of any commercial organization or enterprise is to increase capital.
After training the graduate is well versed in financial management, banking, credit, insurance, financial management; knows the basics of the organization of monetary regulation, the relationship between different parts of the monetary turnover, the fundamentals of banking and exchange business, the fundamentals of the organization of taxation and insurance; is prepared for professional activities in financial institutions that are able to work independently on posts that require an analytical approach in non-standard situations; solves non-standard tasks, forecasts economic processes in the sphere of monetary and financial relations; predicts the prospects for the development of financial and credit relations and the prospects for their professional activities.
Advantages of specialty:
The advantage of the profession of a financier is the versatility of the specialty. The place of work of a financier can be both a bank and an insurance company, both a credit organization and an investment company. In this case, the experience gained in the process of work can be useful to a specialist, both in everyday life and in the organization of his own business.
Advantages of learning:
Curriculum of specialty “Finance” is realized at university in two directions:
• financial management;
• tax and taxation.
Graduate, who has Bachelor degree on specialty “Finance”, has opportunity to work in following spheres:
• banks and exchanges;
• evaluating, leasing and insurance companies;
• investment and pension funds;
• auditing and consulting companies;
• finance departments of enterprises;
• finance departments of akimats and chambers;
• customs agencies;
• local tax office;
• rating agency;
• own business.
Skills and abilities of students who have Bachelor degree on specialty “Finance”:
Specialty “Finance” provides graduates with a basic set of knowledge in the field of finance, including state, financial management, banking and insurance, money circulation, financial market, securities market, taxes and taxation.
Graduates in the specialty “Finance” work as managers and specialists of banks, tax committees, insurance companies, pension funds and other financial structures; financial directors and analysts of organizations of all forms of ownership.
Practical tasks that financier must solve:
• analysis of the financial condition of the company;
• solution of financial management issues;
• evaluation of investment projects;
• orientation in management reports;
• understanding of taxes and principles of taxation;
• orientation in banking and insurance;
• management of a commercial bank, an investment company and funds;
• property valuation, safety assessment, company valuation;
• models of financial security.
A financier has opportunity to work at following companies:
– the Ministry of finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– National bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– regulated banks;
– insurance, leasing, mortgage, pension companies;
– lombard organizations;
– credit organization;
– exchanges;
– state-funded organizations and institutions;
– investment funds;
– business entities of different organizational and legal forms of ownership;
– state revenue Committee the Ministry of finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Short info

The code of specialty: 5B050900
Academic degree:
Bachelor of economics and business
Elective subject: Geography
Specialized subject: Mathematics
Form and duration of course: intramural – 4 years
342 900 tenge / 1 academic year
On the basis of vocational secondary education
(distance education)
General elective discipline:
Banking and finance
Specialized discipline:
Organization of economics
Duration of course3 years
175 000 tenge / 1 academic year

I am proud that I chose this specialty and our university. At our university, student life is very rapid and active. So, for the contribution of Mangystau youth to the development of the society, I was awarded with the Diploma of the Akim of the region, and also at the First International Forum among the youth of the Caspian states I was awarded with a cash certificate for the nomination "Best Business Idea.

Bolekbaeva Nurzia

I actively participated in various public events for which I was repeatedly awarded with diplomas and prizes in various nominations. One of my victories was a diploma in the nomination "Poet of the Year-2017". For which I am very grateful to the University for my achievements!

Tabunaev Ihlas

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