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Core values of «Yessenov University»
The main values of “Yessenov University” are aimed at meeting the needs of teachers and students.
1. Transparency. The administration always provides support in the implementation of works and projects carried out within the university.
2. Sincerity. Ensuring kindness in the implementation of all completed or planned work.
3. Creativity. Supporting new ideas from teachers and students.

Yessenov Fest-2019

Yessenov Fest-2019 showed excellent results this year! Yessenov University festival was held for the first time at the national level, where more than 1,500 people took part, and about 20,000 residents and guests of Aktau gathered at the gala concert.
The winners of the debate tournament, the startup projects contest and the subject competition shared among themselves more than 100 educational grants for training at Yessenov University.


Research Institute

The unique center of the Caspian region, in which are brought together and connected international education and science, ingenuity and culture, the latest innovations and ingenious thoughts.

Welcome to Yessenov University

Mangystau is called an open-air museum. This is a land of incredible beauty. Millions of years ago, Ustyurt was covered with water – the Tethys Ocean was raging here. Yessenov University is located here – in an area with a stunning landscape, the surface of which resembles a fantastic planet and captivates everyone who visited this area. Follow us. Travel Mangistau, welcome to Yessenov University!

Students life

Everyone will find what he or she likes, among a variety of circles, sections, exciting contests, in the students government or collective rest, combined with a knowledge of the spiritual land of the Mangystau region.


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Formation of the foundation of higher education

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