State and local administration


The purpose of the educational program 7М04102 – “State and Local Governance” is to prepare master degree in government, develop analytical skills and provide opportunities for practical application of knowledge and competence in public policy and administration.


  • Structure of professionalism and competences, their levels and qualitative features
  • personnel, who are prepared to work in any field and on any level of management, have a good understanding of the essence of public policy (in the unity of all its components – financial-economic, social, cultural, educational and others) and are able to implement it most effectively in their area of activity

Areas of professional expertise

  • Apparatus of the Parliament of the RK
  • Various structural units of the Government of the RK
  • Economic and financial management bodies (ministries, departments and agencies)
  • Local governing bodies (Akimats of districts, cities, regions) and the apparatuses of executive bodies
  • National public and private companies, concerns, corporations and others

Competitive advantages

  • The basis of formation and strengthening of intellectual, cultural, social, scientific and technical potential at the present stage of economic development

International and strategic partners

  • The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
  • Russian State Social University
  • American University of Washington

Professional practice at the enterprises of the region

  • State Institution “Akim’s Office of Mangistau region
  • State Institution “Akim’s Office of Aktau city, JSC “Entrepreneurship Development Fund DAMU”
  • State Institution “Department of Education of Mangistau oblast”
  • State Institution “Construction Department of Mangistau Oblast”
  • State Institution “Munaylin District Akim’s Office”
  • Apparatus of Zhanaozen Akim” State Institution
  • Apparatus of Mangistau Oblast Maslikhat” State Institution
  • State Institution “Aktau City Department of Employment and Social Programs”
  • State Institution “Department of Internal Policy of the MO”;
  • “Mangistau Oblast Health Department”;
  • Department of the RK Agency for Public Service of Mangistau region

The PLP in Drafting Legislation, Regulation, and Policy has been offered by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies with considerable success since 2004.