Medical support

For medical care of students at the university we have a medical room, equipped in accordance with the requirements of sanitary norms.
Types of services provided there:
  • provision of first aid to students;
  • referral to medical center for medical care
  • organization of preventive medical examinations of students;
  • control over the students registered for dispensary services;
  • carrying out anti-epidemic measures when infectious diseases are detected;
  • dynamic observation of persons in contact with those who have had infectious diseases;
  • promotion of healthy lifestyles, sanitary and hygienic education
  • sanitary and educational work;
  • drawing up an inoculation plan for newly admitted students according to Form 063 (vaccination card) ;
  • examination and issuing of certificates to the students accommodated in the dormitory
  • systematic accounting of the contingent of students assigned to the polyclinic;
In addition, to provide students with full-fledged medical services, there is a contract between SU and the City Polyclinic “Akerke”.
Students are attached to the clinic and get free medical services.
Contacts of medical personnel: Zurbaeva Zhamilya Kuanovna +7 775 350 05 60 Orazova Akmaral Zhanabergenovna + 7 702 4320378