Круглый стол с международным участием (онлайн) “Инновационные технологии в образовании, науке и технике: проблемы, тенденции, перспективы”

Round table with international participation (online)
“Innovative technologies in education, science and
technology: problems, trends, prospects”

The round table was held online on 04/29/2022 at 15:00 on the basis of the Kostanay Regional University named after A.Baitursynov” within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project “Activation of competencies of students of ICT specialties in the development of startups through interdisciplinary modular courses in educational programs of universities (UXiship)”

1. Almaty Management University
2. Caspian University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh. Yesenova
3. Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev, Chistopol branch “Vostok”
4. Tyumen Industrial University
5. Kostanay Regional University named after A. Baitursynov

The meeting was moderated by I.V. Koshkin and Yu.V. Efimova.
The round table was attended by university teachers, students of professional (higher) educational organizations, business specialists.
Following the results of the round table, a resolution was submitted for discussion, emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurial skills and IT competencies in the training of ICT specialists and engineering profiles. The confidence was expressed that all scientific solutions, research, will bring a lot of benefits to society in the future, and will be useful in the development of joint international relations between universities.