Youth Creativity Department

[wdc_heading align=”justify” title=””]The main goal of the department of youth creativity is to meet the needs of intellectual, cultural and humane development of students, increase students’ interest in art, develop artistic potential of  creative students, improve the culture of thinking and speech skills of students. Encouraging the young generation to love patriotism, the Motherland, their native land, national traditions and art. Also, the goal of the Youth Creativity Department is the formation of a harmonious personality.
The main tasks of the Youth Creativity Department :
Organization, regulation and control of cultural and recreational activities of the University;
The work of student creative groups aimed at raising the general culture of the student’s personality, through familiarizing with the achievements of the world and national culture;
Formation of the need for a healthy lifestyle, aesthetic education of talented students;
Involvement of students in cultural, scientific and educational processes;
Supporting young talents;
Moral and spiritual development through the formation of patriotism;
To organize leisure of youth correctly, to help them in the disclosure and realization of their ideas, abilities and talent.
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