Research work

The research work on the faculty of Business and law is conducted in the areas of training students in the specialties “Management”, “State and Local Administration”, “Economics”, “Finance”, “Accounting and Audit”, “Jurisprudence” and “International Relations”.
The results of research work are used in the academic process during lectures and practical exercises.
The research work of the faculty is conducted according to the plan of the university. The academic staff of the faculty departments publishes scientific articles in various publications and participates in conferences. The results of scientific activity are reported at international and republican conferences, competitions or seminars. In addition, the academic staff conducts research work registered in the National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation JSC.
The research work of students (RWS) is an integral part of the training of qualified professionals. The main objectives of the RWS system are: to create and develop conditions that enable each student to realize his right to the creative development as an individual, to ensure the unity of the educational, scientific and innovative processes with the formation and development of the creative abilities of students.
Forms of scientific research work are: conducting scientific research, participation in conferences, seminars, round tables, work in scientific extracurricular activities, preparation of publications in journals and conference proceedings. Supervision of students research works is carried out by associate professors and leading teachers of the departments.
In order to encourage RWS, different science clubs like “Successful Manager”, “Economics”, “Young financier and accountant” work at the faculty. The activation of the RWS resulted in an increase in the number of winners in contests, competitions, conferences and other science-related events.
Students studying in “Management” and “State and Local Administration” programmes annually take place in the final round and become prizewinners of the republican subject competition, held by KazNU named after Al-Farabi. Based on the results of different years, they became prize-winners:
– on specialty “State and local administration”:
2017 – 2nd place (5 students),
2015 – 3rd place (4 students),
2013 – 2nd place (5 students).
– in the specialty “Management”:
2016 – 3rd place (3 students),
2015 – 3rd place (3 students).
In March 2013 V Republican subject competition in Almaty was held at the KazEU University named after T. Ryskulov. Under the supervision of two candidates in economics Saubetova B. and Maulina N. students’ team (Fazylbek A., Kashagan A., Toksanbaev M.) took 3rd place. The team of the “Economics” department programme under the supervision of professor Amaniyazova G. also took the 3rd place in the republican subject competition.
In 2013, 3 students of the accounting and audit programme participated in the Regional tour of the International Student Olympiad in information technologies “IT-Planet 2012/13” in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was held in the Eurasian National University named after L. Gumilyov (ENU) in Astana. Under the supervision of senior lecturer Kruk T. after the results of the full-time tour Mustafayeva G. won the 2nd place, and Begalieva Z. and Djubatyrov S. were granted the participant certificates. Later, Mustafayeva G. took the honorable 3rd place and was invited to participate as a part of Kazakhstan national team in the international round of the “IT-Planet 2012/13” competition.
In March 2014 the Kazakh National University named after T. Ryskulov organized the VI Republican student subject competition on “Accounting and audit” major. Students Uteuliev A., Budaychieva S. and Nurushova A. took part in it and under the supervision of senior lecturer Karashaev D. won 3rd place.