Educational work

Educational work (upbringing) at the Faculty of Pedagogy is based on the “Concept of Educational Work”.

Priority directions:1) Kazakhstani patriotic education and civic, legal education; 2) Spiritual and moral upbringing; 3) national education; 4) Family education; 5) labor, economic and environmental education; 6) Poly cultural and art-aesthetic education; 7) cognitive education, upbringing of information culture; 8) Physical education and upbringing of healthy lifestyle.

These priority areas include roundtables, seminars, trainings, open hours, cultural events, meetings with famous artists.

There are some clubs for students: “Tagylym” – for the purpose of students’ engagement in creative work, formation of speech culture and “The Secrets” for psychological help. The meeting was held with psychologists organized by the club “The Secrets” on the topic “Developed medicine – the guarantor of the nation’s health”.

The purpose of the meeting is to prevent the consequences of the stress of youth, to find ways to overcome the difficulties, to set the goals. They also talked about sports, healthy lifestyle, and health care. Psychologists responded to students’ questions and psychological trainings were conducted during the meeting.

Professors of the Department of the Kazakh Language and Literature talked about the film “The transition to the Latin alphabet – a requirement of time” for the next shooting of the TV program “Future of the country” on “Mangistau” TV channel. The message was broadcasted on the regional TV channel on November 11. The competition of essay “The transition to Latin alphabet – a requirement of time” was held among university students. 25 candidates participated in the contest.

Students of the specialty “Foreign Languages” took part in the international exhibition “EXPO – 2017” and were awarded the “Best Volunteers” letter of gratitude. Within the framework of the “Spiritual Renewal” program essay contest “National Values and Intellectual Education”, “We are the Guardians of Independence!”, “The Latin alphabet is a requirement of time” was held.

The Faculty has a Youth Affairs Committee. The literary and musical evening was held by the members of the Criminal Code and the Department of the Kazakh Language and Literature dedicated to Mukagali Makatayev’s creative work. The purpose of the event is to discover the world of poetry, bringing students to the beauty, nationality, through the works of the poet.

Within the framework of the project “100 new names” a round table on the topic “Following the Great Patriots” was held. Winner of several poetry competitions of republican level, laureate of republican festival “Student spring” in 1992, diploma winner of V and VI international festival “Shabat”, member of the Union of Journalists and Writers of Kazakhstan, “Rainbow”, “Becket Ata”, “Dauletaly”, “The Last Day of the Summer”, “Ata-Jurt”, author of poetry collections, member of the Union of Journalists and Writers of Kazakhstan R.Kosbarmak and the blogger, social activist U.Ersainuly took part in this roundtable. The first goal of the event was to introduce students to the poet’s creativity, to educate young people, to love the motherland, the country, the land, to appreciate the poem.

Students are actively involved in the national and regional events. They keep duties in dormitories.

On the threshold of the 20th Anniversary of Astana and 55th Anniversary of the City of Aktau there was a contest among students “City of Spring – 2018”. The student of the Yessenov University member of the student theater “Zhas orken”, a 2 year student of the specialty “Geography” L. Dzholmurzaeva won the 2nd place and 3rd year student of the specialty “Kazakh language and literature” K. Argyn won the Grand Prix.

At the cultural and memorial complex “Otpan Mountains” a roundtable was held with the participation of the invited guests of the Republican “Amal-18” celebration, teachers of Yessenov University and employees of the cultural and memorial complex “Otpan- Mountains” on the topic “Otpan Mountain is the Basis of Our Spiritual Tradition”.

The purpose of the round table is to propagandize the traditions and customs of the people of our country, which is traditionally celebrated for centuries.
In accordance with the annual plan of the Faculty of Pedagogy, educational and cultural events are held regularly. The measures will give much to a younger generation.

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