Scientific research work

The research work of teachers of the faculty “Transport and Construction” is carried out through the participation of teachers in scientific competitions and projects announced by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in scientific seminars and conferences with reports on fundamental, social and humanitarian areas.
In the republic subject Olympiad in the general team competition 2 students took the 1 st place, 2 students – the 3 rd place, in the individual competition 1 student took the second place.

International relation

Leading teachers of the faculty were trained in accordance with the requirements of the STCW-78/95/2010 Convention with the Manila Amendments and upgraded their qualifications:
1. Maritime Institute “Willem Barentsz” (The Terschelling, Netherlands);
2. Marine State Academy admiral F. Ushakov (Novorossiysk);
3. Marine State Academy admiral S. Makarov (St. Peterburg);
4. Marine State Academy ASTU (Astrakhan);
5. Azerbaijan Marine State Academy (AGMA, Baku);
6. Batumi Sea Academy (Batumi).

Educational work

Educational work of the faculty is conducted in 8 directions. These are: 1) education of Kazakhstan’s patriotism and civilian rigths; 2) moral upbringing; 3) national education; 4) family education; 5) labor, economic and environmental education; 6) multicultural and artistic-aesthetic education; 7) intellectual education, education of information culture; 8) physical education,of a healthy lifestyle.
The number of students who took part in contests for educational work and won prizes: in the national events – 2 students, in regional events – 2 students, in city events – 6 students.