Pedagogical work

The pedagogical work of the faculty “Social and humanitarian training” is conducted on the basis of the “Concept of pedagogical work”.

Main directions:

1) Pedagogy of Kazakhstan’s patriotism and citizenship, legal education; 2) Spiritual and moral upbringing; 3) National pedagogy; 4) Family pedagogy; 5) Labor, economic and environmental pedagogy; 6) Multicultural and artistic-aesthetic pedagogy; 7) Intellectual pedagogy, pedagogy of information culture; 8) Physical pedagogy, pedagogy of a healthy lifestyle.

In the above directions, there are organized and conducted round tables, seminars, trainings, open curatorial hours, cultural events, meetings with famous representatives of art.

All planned activities are conducted in accordance with the annual plan of the Faculty “Social and Humanitarian training”:

In 2016-2017 academic year at the university level there were round tables on topics «Қазақтың ұлт-азаттық көтерілісі: тарихтағы ақтаңдақ пен ақиқат», dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the national liberation uprising of 1916 and«Әлихан Бөкейханов және Алаш мұрасы», devoted to the 150th anniversary of Alikhan Bukeikhanov, as well as the discussion of the appeal of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 25.01.2017. on issues of redistribution of powers, organized by the staff of the department “History of Kazakhstan and social and humanitarian disciplines”. The purposes of the event were patriotic education of the younger generation, respect for the Motherland, as well as the formation of the historical consciousness of the people through the knowledge of the history of their native country, through the study of historical sources.

The curators of the groups hold such events aimed at fostering the moral qualities of the younger generation, preserving and respecting the national traditions and customs of Kazakh people, as: curatorial hour in the form of an exchange of views, discussions on the topic «Қызды қырық үйден тию» (on the social education of a girl in a Kazakh society); round tables on topics ” Проблемы национального воспитания и увлечения современной молодежи “«Арулар – асыл жандар», ” Казахские обычаи и молодежь “(discussion and reflection).

The staff of the department “History of Kazakhstan and social and humanitarian disciplines ” and students took an active part in organizing and conducting such university activities as «Отаным менің – алтын бесігім», «Менің Қазақстаным!», «Арулар – асыл жандар» (the event dedicated to 8th of March), «14 наурыз – Көрісу күні», ” Государственный язык – основа единства народа», «Трехязычие и пространство получения знания», and also in the ” Студенческой весне – 2017″, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Shahmardan Yessenov and held on the theme ” Есеновская весна “.

In 2016-2017 academic year the department “Language Disciplines” organized and conducted the following activities: class discussions of the article of the head of state «Рухани жаңғыру – болашаққа бағдар»; a festive event dedicated to the Teacher’s Day on the topic ” Учитель! Звучит гордо!”; discussion of the topic «Ұлттық тәрбиенiң негiзi – адамгершiлiк, еңбек тәрбиесi»; open curatorial hours on topics «Болашақ мамандығың туралы не білесің?», «Тәуелсіздік тірегі – төл теңге», discussion on the topic «Салтың мен қалпыңды сақтай біл»; round table «Елін сүйген, елі сүйген Елбасы»; discussion on the topic «Тәуелсіз Қазақстан жетістіктері: ЭКСПО-2017»; literary and musical evening «Қазақстан – тәуелсіз ел».

In November 22nd, 2017 students of the faculty took part in the regional festive event «СТУДЕНТ КҮНІМЕН!», dedicated to the International Student’s Day and organized with the support of the Mangystau Regional Office of Youth Policy.

In November 30th, 2017 charity event was held «Қарттарын ардақтаған ел ардақты». The students of the faculty visited the regional Nursing Home, where they entertained the elderly with a festive concert and presented them gifts. The purpose of the eventwas to teach students a sense of humanity, mercy, respect for elders and care for the weak.

In December 5th, 2018. at the faculty “Social and humanitarian training” was organized by the head of the department “Language Disciplines” Adambaeva G.M. a meeting of students and faculty members with the deputy director of the social-administrative department of JSC «Каражанбасмунай», a member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, a member of the public council of the Mangistau region, members of the Supervisory Committee the Nur Otan Party, holder of an international scholarship «Болашак» Sebasov Marat Bakbergenuly and businessman, founder of the brand “QAZAQ”, a graduate of the Mangistau Polytechnic College, a polyglot who independently studied English in Houston, Texas, in the USA Karzhaubaev Saken Alpysbayuly on the topic «Көшбасшы бастамасы – болашаққа бағдар».

Every year the department “Physical Culture and Sports” of faculty “Social-humanitarian training” organizes sport competitions among students and professors-teachers staff to promote healthy lifestyle.

On the open field of the stadium ” Мунайшы ” in Aktau there were competitions on sports and entertainment quest games ” Почти олимпийские игры “, to mark the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Students’ Day. The event, which was attended by 10 teams from various educational institutions of the region, was organized by Mangystau regional administration. Students have taken part in “tug off sausages”, “running in giant shoes”, “Inflatable Sumo wrestling”. As a result of the games, a cup and certificate for 50,000 tg with a clear advantage was won by the team of Yessenov University.

Youth parties ” Жас Отан ” at the party ” Нур Отан ” together with the Aktau City Department of Physical Education and Sport organized a competition among schools on mini-football cup for the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan Mangystau region, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In this competition participated 20 teams from schools of Mangystau region. According to the results of these competitions diploma, cup and a cash award in the amount of 100 000 tg overwhelmingly won by the team of Yessenov University.

Among the faculty of the University every year Spartakiada is organized including volleyball, table tennis, darts, bowling, billiards.

35 students Yessenov University, 15 of who are students of the specialty “Physical Culture and Sport”, took part in the regional relay of carrying the 28th World Winter Universiade torch.

In the annual mini-football competition held among the higher, secondary technical and vocational schools within the week of “Student Spring – 2017”, the team of Yessenov University won the 1 st place.

September 4-10, 2017 in Hungary in Budapest hosted the 39th World Championship in junior armwrestling, in which 700 athletes from 32 countries took part. Kazakhstan was represented by 74 athletes, 3 of whom were from Mangystau. Our student from the physical training sports and group -17-5 – Sholpanov Ybyray in the weight category 65 kg won a bronze medal on both hands.

According to the planned pedagogycal events for the 2017-18 academic year, 3-4 year students of the specialty “Physical Culture and Sport” visited the Regional Children’s Village of the family type, where they held sporting events and awarded children gifts.

All events conducted by the faculty are of great importance for the younger generation.