Student Self-Government Organizations

Student Self-Government Organizations

Student council Union – the highest body of student self-government, created from students of each faculty, taking an active part in the public life of the university with high rates in studies, sports, research and public activities.

The purpose of the Student council Union is to ensure the effective participation of student youth in the social life of the university, to create an enabling environment for the satisfaction of their social, intellectual, creative, spiritual, economic interests.

Student council of dormitory is a body created from active students of Yessenov University living in student hostels.


The tasks of the Student council of dormitory are monitoring compliance with the requirements of the “Rules of residence in hostels”, and the organization of events in the hostel (sports, spiritual, debates, entertainment evenings).


Representation of the Youth Wing “Zhas Otan” in Yessenov University is a body uniting in its ranks ambitious young patriots with an active civil position.


The tasks of MK “Zhas Otan” are the development together with the Student council Union  of Kazakhstan’s patriotism and civil responsibility of youth.

Yessenov University Volunteers – a group of students willing to voluntarily volunteer in a different field.


The tasks of volunteers are to provide volunteer assistance to socially vulnerable sections of the population, to carry out volunteer activities at events at various levels and in work on the direction of nature protection, ecology protection under the Zhasyl El program.


Members of bodies of student self-government may be selected by university students, activists with high academic performance.

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