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Scientific research work

[wdc_heading align=”justify” title=””]The coteries “Young philologist” and “Atameken” are organized for students in order to improve the scientific-research work of the faculty. Goal of the coteries: deeper study of the history, customs and traditions of native land, comprehensive mastery of the Kazakh and Russian languages, acquaintance with new discoveries.[/wdc_heading]

International cooperation

[wdc_heading align=”justify” title=””]In order to improve the development of the professional competence of employees and the development of international cooperation of the Faculty’s teaching staff, special attention is paid to professional development, retraining and training in foreign educational and scientific organizations. The faculty teaching staff increases its qualification in the near and far abroad.[/wdc_heading]

Educational work

[wdc_heading align=”justify” title=””]The pedagogical work of the faculty “Basic” is conducted on the basis of the “Concept of pedagogical work”.
Main directions: 1) Pedagogy of Kazakhstan’s patriotism and citizenship, legal education; 2) Spiritual and moral upbringing; 3) National pedagogy; 4) Family pedagogy; 5) Labor, economic and environmental pedagogy; 6) Multicultural and artistic-aesthetic pedagogy; 7) Intellectual pedagogy, pedagogy of information culture; 8) Physical pedagogy, pedagogy of a healthy lifestyle.[/wdc_heading]