Translation Studies

  1. General information:

A graduate in the specialty 5B020700-Translation Studies is awarded an academic degree of a bachelor of translation. Qualifications and positions of the graduate in the specialty 5B020700- Translation Studies are determined in accordance with the “Qualification directory of positions of managers, specialists and other employees”. A Bachelor of Translation can work as a translator/ interpreter, guide-translator, translation editor, etc.

  1. Advantages of training:

Graduate of the bachelor degree in specialty 5B020700-Translation Studies is prepared for work in the following areas:

  • administrative and managerial sphere;
  • the sphere of education and science;
  • the sphere of culture and intercultural communication;
  • international relations;
  • the sphere of publishing;
  • the sphere of mass media;
  • information and analytical sphere in other spheres.
  1. Opportunities for students in the specialty:

Bachelors in the specialty 5B020700-Translation Studies can perform the following types of professional activities:

  • translation (translation of different genre texts and documents, interpretation of negotiations, international meetings, conferences);
  • organizational (organization and holding of various kinds of events, creation of professional and public organizations);
  • production and management (management and / or execution of professional duties (various types of transfer) in the relevant divisions of domestic, foreign and joint ventures and organizations);
  • information and analytical (implementation of socio-political analysis, compilation of business correspondence, reports, reviews, projections of the situation, editing of translations);
  • research (collection and processing of practical material, preparation of reports and articles on problems of translation studies and intercultural communication).
  1. Sphere of professional activity of graduates:
  • cultural institutions, international organizations;
  • various information and analytical services;
  • embassies, missions and ministries;
  • tourism agencies;
  • publishing houses, translation bureaus.

           Professional activities of graduates:

  • translation of original texts of different genres and styles;
  • work of a translation nature with reference literature and other sources of information (the Internet, electronic dictionaries);
  • work of a representative of travel agencies.
  1. Depending on the specialty “Translation Studies”, according to the basic and specialized foreign language, the graduate can be:

The direction of professional activity in the specialty 5В020700- Translation Studies of higher professional education of the Republic of Kazakhstan is to fulfill the following functional duties:

  • carry out written and oral translations;
  • to mediate in various types of interlingua and intercultural communication;
  • carry out research in the field of translation and philology;
  • advise on the foreign language and culture being studied;
  • edit and abstract informative texts.

Short information

The code of specialty: 5В020700
Academic degree:
Bachelor of Translational studies
Elective subject: Foreign language
Specialized subject: History
Form and duration of course: intramural – 4 years
443 300 tenge / 1 academic year
On the basis of vocational secondary education

(distance education)
General elective discipline:
Kazakh and Russian language
Specialized discipline:
English language
Duration of course: 3 years
175 000 tenge / 1 academic year

“The university gave me an inclusive experience. I want to pay tribute to our teachers, for hard work, professionalism, trust, love. For this reason, I have made considerable progress for 4 years already. She participated in various events, such as “Student Spring” (1st place), and in large-scale events, such as the International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO-2017 as a volunteer”.

Amangeldi Alma

“Participation in public work is of great importance for me. I try to participate in all activities at the university level. He took part in the republican forum of polyglots “Көп тіл білу - заман талабы”, where he took the prize. This event has opened for me new opportunities for self-realization”.

Bekesov Meirman

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