Standardization and Certification

              Description of specialty:

The specialty “Standardization and Certification” is one of the most popular professions in any branch or a services sector. Standardization and certification specialize in monitoring and distribution of norms, requirements to products and processes, processes and systems, their production, use, safety of products and services and high economic efficiency for producers and consumers.

The government organizations, the enterprises and goods, services, work, inventory of the enterprises and testing laboratories, measurement, test, control methods, devices, regulations, standardization, certification, metrology, the systems of management of qualities, the measuring equipment for rendering services, directly bound to use of projection, production, management of the enterprises, the state and non-state forms of ownership can be objects of professional activity of graduates.


             The benefits of learning:

The study program in “Standardization and certification” is carried out in one direction at the university: Standardization and certification in the industry.


             Opportunities for students:

For improvement of research work of students in “Standardization and certification” university has the student’s club “Mashinostroiteli” (“Mechanical engineers”).

The result of improvement of research work of students – it helps them to participate in competitions, conferences and other scientific events and to increase number of outstanding students.

As a result of the successful study students received educational grants from the different companies, such as JSC KazMunaiGas, Kurmangazy Petroleum LLP, Tasbulatoil LLP and others.


            Competences of graduates of specialty “Standardization and Certification”:

Within four years students will receive the main skills: will learn to analyze the place and a role of the modern standardization and certification; to study new informational tools and their application; to seize the main knowledge of social, humanitarian and natural sciences which will make them as a high level experts with a broad outlook.


           After the end of study the graduate has to:

  • to master a condition of standardization, certification and qualification in the country and abroad;
  • to know standards, technical specifications and other developments of the specifications and technical documentation, statement and realization of an order, order of their development, certification, control system of quality, introduction of audit and how to carry out researches;
  • make measurements, tests, control methods, tools, normative documents, standardization, certification, metrology, control system of quality, metrological support of production, social, ecological service, measurement of production, services, works, enterprises and testing laboratories; to learn how to project, prepare an inventory.


      Graduates of specialty “Standardization and Certification” can work in the following companies:

– centers of standardization and certification;

– laboratories for calibration and test of fertilizers and an inventory;

– laboratories;

– examination institutions;

– research and design institutes;

– state and non-state institutes of quality control (trade inspection, sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, subsequent observation);

– institutes of protection of consumers;

– service, patent bureau;

– any organization representing a new type of a product;

– the manager of quality in any branch.

Short information

Code of specialty: 5B073200

The awarded degree: The bachelor of engineering sciences and technologies in the field of standardization and certification

Subject of the choice: Physics

Profile subject: Mathematician

Form of education and term: Full-time – 4 years

Tutoring cost: 346 600 tenge for academic year

On the basis of secondary professional education

(Distance learning)

Common profile subject: Physics

Main subject: Standardization

Tutoring duration: 3 years

Tutoring cost: 292 000 tenge for academic year

I am glad that I have chosen the most outstanding educational institution and have got acquainted with a profession which is pleasant to me. I am confident that the educational base of the university, and the modern laboratory equipment is one of the best in the country and will help me to become the qualified, educated expert in the future.

Aydana Amalbekovna

I am very glad that I have chosen this higher educational institution because of gained knowledge and skills in chosen professions. Never I have regretted about the choice of this university. During study all my goals has been reached.

Taubayeva Ayshat

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