Russian language and literature

Description of specialty:
Specialty “Russian language and literature” is one of the most popular and highly-demanded specialities in our society now. Perfect knowledge of Russian language is important for this specialty.
Russian language is one of the most recognized world languages. Russian is spoken at world congresses, international meetings, where the problems of politics and economy, science and education are discussed. Good knowledge of Russian, as knowledge of English, is necessary for everybody who likes travelling around the countries and cities of the world, having excursions to the best museums and theatres of the world.
Russian language is a mediator of all the languages of the peoples of the CIS, it also enriches national cultures.
In the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Languages” Russian is defined as the language of interethnic communication, which is officially used on an equal basis with the Kazakh language in state organizations and local self-government bodies.
Russian language is used equally with the state language in maintenance of documentation in the system of state bodies and also in state and non-governmental organizations.
Advantages of learning:
Curriculum of specialty “Russian language and literature” is realized at university in two directions:
– Russian language in synchrony and diachrony from the positions of system-structural and functional linguistics;
– Russian literature in its historical development and current state.
Opportunities of students in the course of specialty:
There is the coterie “Young philologist” in the course of specialty “Russian language and literature” which is organized for the development of scientific-research skills of students. Students are engaged in educational and scientific-research activity in the areas “Actual problems of linguistics” and “Actual problems of literary studies”. Important aspects of modern philology and methods of teaching of philological disciplines are presented in the works of young researchers. Students show an independent opinion about the study of the linguistic phenomena of the modern language. The result of increasing the level of quality of the research works of students is their participation in olympiads, contests, conferences and other scientific events.
Skills and abilities of students who have Bachelor degree on specialty “Russian language and literature”:
Firstly, students learn how to understand the essence and truth of things, to appreciate every word in business during four years of study.
After graduating from the course of specialty:
Graduated students can perform following types of professional activities:
– in educational (pedagogical) activities: a teacher of Russian language and literature in secondary general schools, secondary specialized educational organizations, vocational schools, as well as in educational institutions of other types and forms, at various training courses;
– in the experimental research field: a research teacher or employee of various funds and projects;
– in the organizational and managerial sphere: the head of various levels in state and non-governmental organizations;
– in the editorial area: editor of the publishing house;
– in the media: journalist, announcer, correspondent, editor.
Graduated student, who has diploma on specialty “Russian language and literature”, can work as a specialist in the following areas:
– in educational institutions of all levels;
– in the field of science;
– in culture;
– in publishing;
– in sphere of translation activities;
– in sphere of radio and television;
– in sphere of advertisement;
– in sphere of tourism;
– in the civil service;
– in non-governmental and financial institutions that require skills in literate Russian.

Short info

The code of specialty: 5В011800
Academic degree:
Bachelor of Education on specialty “Russian language and literature”
Elective subject: Language of study and literature
Specialized subject: History
Form and duration of course: intramural – 4 years
443 300 tenge / 1 academic year
On the basis of vocational secondary education
(distance education)
General elective discipline:
Elementary Psychology and Pedagogy
Specialized discipline:
Russian language
Duration of course: 3 years
175 000 tenge / 1 academic year

For 2 years of studying at Yessenov University I managed to take an active part in many events organized by our university. One of the brightest moments among them, is our trip, together with other students - active participants of our university, to an important and significant event of our country, EXPO-2017.

Duzelbayev Аltynbek

I always dreamed to do my studies in "Yessenov University". And 2 years ago my dream came true. At the university I found many friends and received invaluable fundamental knowledge in my specialty, listening to the lectures of qualified teachers. I am proud to be a student at Yessenov University.

Nazarkulova Аsemai

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