Pedagogy and Psychology

Academic degree: Bachelor of Education in specialty 5B010300-Pedagogy and Psychology

Optional course:

upon completion of the school’s training: biology, geography after the completion of technical and vocational education: the fundamentals of pedagogy and psychology, the theory and practice of educational work on the basis of higher education: interview (the fundamentals of pedagogy and psychology, theory and practice of educational work)

Form and duration of studies:

full-time (after school) – 4 years

on the basis of TVE (after college) part-time – 3 years

on the basis of higher education – 2 years

Description of the specialty:

   The sphere of professional activity of bachelors in the specialty – Pedagogy and psychology are: designing the teaching and educational process in educational institutions; psychological and pedagogical research on the problems of personal and social development of pupils; development of developmental and corrective programs, educational activities, taking into account the individual and age characteristics of students

“Bachelors in the specialty 5B010300 – Pedagogy and Psychology perform the following functions of professional activity:

  • Organization of subject activity of students and management of the process of formation and development of the individual;
  •   Participation in the development of state programs aimed at preserving the mental and social well-being of students;
  •  Providing psychological and pedagogical assistance in organizing the pedagogical process in educational institutions;
  •  Prevention of social disadaptation;
  • Psychological and pedagogical education of parents

Opportunities of students in the specialty:

To know the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, “On Social and Medical Pedagogical Corrective Support for Children with Disabilities”, “On the Rights of the Child in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the fundamentals of pedagogy and psychology, apply the theoretical provisions of pedagogy and psychology in practical professional activity, organization pedagogical process in educational institutions and psychological activity on the development and implementation of programs, projects, plans for educational activities and their psychological support, in the activities of pre-school, general secondary, primary and secondary professional education Abilities of graduates in the specialty 5B010300- “Pedagogy and Psychology”

During the training – students should establish communication with people, be able to determine the possibilities of self-development, physical, spiritual, intellectual development and self-management.

Graduates of bachelors should know:

  •  Psychological and pedagogical activity aimed at preserving the mental and social well-being of students;
  •  Research activities aimed at studying the actual problems of psycho-pedagogical science;
  • Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of pupils;
  • Compilation of psychological and pedagogical conclusions on the materials of research work with the aim of guiding the pedagogical collective, parents in the problems of personal and social development of pupils;
  •  Psychological and pedagogical support of gifted children; · Advising teachers on the practical application of psychology;
  • Providing psychological and pedagogical support for profile education in a 12-year school.

Bachelors in the specialty 5B010300 – “Pedagogy and Psychology” can perform the following types of professional activities:

– pre-school organizations of all types;

– general education schools, including school-lyceums, gymnasium schools, small schools, sanatorium schools, sports schools, orphanages;

– special correctional organizations (boarding schools, classes for children and adolescents with shortcomings in physical or mental development);

– educational institutions of primary vocational education (lyceums);

– secondary vocational schools (colleges)

Short Info

Specialty code: 5B010300
Academic degree:
Bachelor of Education in Pedagogy and Psychology
Elective subject: Biology
Specialized subject: Geography
Form and duration of course: full-time – 4 years
Cost of education:
443 300 KZT / 1 academic year
On the basis of secondary vocational education
(distance learning)
General elective discipline:
Fundamentals of Pedagogy and Psychology
Specialized discipline:
Theory and practice of educational work
Duration of training: 3 years
Duration of course:
175 000 tenge / 1 academic year

Being educated in the university, I took part in the republican subject Olympiad and became the holder of the nomination "Young Scientist".

Bazarbayeva Guldariga

I took an active part in the national subject Olympiad in the specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" and at conferences among students.

Dalabayeva Aidana

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