Mechanical engineering

Description of specialty:

In the developed countries the specialty of mechanical engineering holds a specific place. In “Mechanical engineering” the university prepares future professionals for work in the field of mechanical engineering and gives the strong theoretical and practical base for creation of necessary equipment for all branches of economy, production of daily consumer goods, production of several exemplars of the composite expensive inventory and other directions of mechanical engineering.

Now the mechanical engineering in Kazakhstan includes the following types of economic activity: production of finished metal products, except machines and the equipment; production of computers, electronic and optical products; production of electric equipment; production of the cars and an inventory which are not included in other categories; production of cars, trailers and semi-trailers; production of other vehicles; repair and installation of cars and inventory.


            The benefits of learning:

The study program in “Mechanical engineering” is carried out in one direction at the university: Mechanical engineering, metal-cutting machines and tools.


            Opportunities for students:

For improvement of research work of students in “Mechanical engineering” university has the student’s club “Mashinostroiteli” (“Mechanical engineers”).

Students can participate in competitions, conferences and in other scientific events for perfecting of the research work. Students of specialty “Mechanical engineering” participated in the annual republican subject Olympic Games and took prizes.

According to the contract with the university professor doctor Assen Zlatarova, through academic mobility students have an opportunity to study in Bulgaria for half a year.

As a result of the successful study students received educational grants from companies such as the JSC KazMunaiGas, Kurmangazy Petroleum LLP, Tasbulatoil LLP and others.


 Competences of graduates of specialty “Mechanical engineering”:

Within four years students will learn to analyze a role and the place of the modern mechanical engineering branch; to seize the main knowledge of social, humanitarian and natural sciences, to study new informational tools and their application.

After the end of study the graduate has to:

have ability for self-improvement and self-development, requirement and skills of self-contained creative mastering new knowledge during the fissile activity; to be able to formulate and practically to solve the modern scientific and practical problems at the present stage, to carry out research and administrative activity, to be competent of the corresponding science and technology.


             Graduates of specialty “Mechanical engineering” can work in the following companies:

– engineering plants;

– enterprises of the oil and gas industry;

– research and design institutes;

– large domestic and foreign oil and gas companies;

– research institutes;

– research and production centers:

– drilling of oil and gas wells by land and by sea;

– enterprises for transportation and storage of oil and gas;

– government institutions etc.

Short information

Code of specialty: 5B071200

The awarded degree: The bachelor of engineering sciences and technologies in mechanical engineering

Subject of the choice: Physics

Profile subject: Mathematician

Form of education and term: Full-time – 4 years

Tutoring cost: 346 600 tenge for academic year

On the basis of secondary professional education

(Distance learning)

Common profile subject: physics

Main subject: Fundamentals of mechanical engineering

Tutoring duration: 3 years

Tutoring cost: 292 000 tenge for academic year

During study at the university, I took part in such seminars as "The young leader", "Participation of youth in the solution of social problems", a seminar training "The ideas changing the world" and have listened to courses "The Way of Kazakhstan: " Мәңгілік Ел"( Eternal Country)”.

Li Valeria

While studying at the university, I participated in many events, trainings, projects, in the International youth forum within "Spiritual revival" and the subject Olympiad and achieved success.

Uakiyev Rakhat

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