Oil and Gas Business

Description of the specialty: Doctoral course in Oil and Gas Business opens great opportunities for development in the field of oil and gas wells drilling, development and operation of oil and gas fields, transportation and storage of hydrocarbon raw materials.
Advantages of training: After graduating PhD doctor on Oil and Gas Business specialty can work in scientific and pedagogical institutions, as well as raise the level of qualification in universities and industry.
Opportunities of students in the frame of the specialty: In the frame specialty “Oil and Gas Business” the group “Zhas munaishy”  operates with purpose to perfect research works  and improve the qualification of personnel education.
Scientific internships, academic mobility, competitions, conferences, international symposium, and other scientific programs are systematically organized to improve the level of scientific research,
There is the international professional organization of technical specialists of oil production – the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) at CSUTI named after Sh. Yessenov. It provides doctoral students with comprehensive assistance and support in acquiring both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
Doctoral students are members of the Faculty Academic Council, actively participate in public life of the faculty and university.
Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides  Grants for the specialty of doctoral studies.
Doctoral students pass scientific-research, experimental-research practices and scientific internships abroad.
Abilities of doctoral candidates who completed PhD doctorate in the specialty “Oil and gas business”: After completion of the specialty 6D070800 – Oil and gas business, a doctoral student is a highly qualified scientific and pedagogical specialist in higher education institutions and scientific organizations.
He is competitive in the domestic and foreign scientific labor market. He masters modern interactive methods and educational technologies in the education system.
Doctoral student publishes scientific articles with a high impact factor in domestic and international scientific publications.
After graduation, doctoral students:

  • know to create adequate mathematical models at the movement of physical processes in oil and gas layers;
  • Make calculations of the main reservoir parameters based on the results of hydrodynamic and geophysical studies;
  • select and evaluate methods of enhanced oil recovery;
  • study nanotechnologies and effective methods of enhanced oil recovery;
  • they are able to conduct the main technological calculations of increasing oil reservoirs;
  • develop methods for calculating the bottomhole well zone based on the results of hydrodynamic studies;
  • possessing modern computer technologies, they can select production technologies and interpret parameters;
  • know the methods of economical development of deposits.

A graduate of doctoral course who received an education in the specialty “Oil and Gas Business” will be able to work in the following sectors:
– scientific research centers;
-scientific research and design institutes;
– higher educational institutions;
– scientific and production centers;
– domestic and foreign major oil and gas companies;
– government agencies;
– public and political organizations, etc.

Brief information

Specialty code: 6D070800
Academic degree: (Ph.D) philosophy doctor  in “Oil and Gas Business”
Form and period of study: full-time
On the scientific and pedagogical direction: 3 years

Specialty "Oil and gas business" is my choice. Studying at the university, I passed courses of improvement of professional skill, training in Kazakhstan and countries of near and far abroad. I have corresponding certificates. Participating in scientific conferences held in Ufa and in Novosibirsk, I gained experience in the scientific direction.

Kuliyev Murad

In order to develop further my scientific work at the university, I took a part in the 5th annual competition of young specialists, conducted by JSC “KazMunaiGas”, where I was awarded in the nomination "AUTHOR OF THE BEST PROJECT".

Islamberdiyev Zharas

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