Oil and gas business

Description of the specialty: Oil and gas business is one of the most popular and demanded specialties. The oil and gas business is specialized on the base of knowledge at the development of hydrocarbon natural resources.
Oil engineer is the best profession, oil is the national property, which takes a special place in the development of country economy.
Specialty “Oil and gas business” has a common name in the field of oil and gas production. Therefore, in this specialty, highly qualified specialists are trained which meet the requirements of the modern market and international standards and have the set of necessary knowledge and skills in drilling, development and operation of oil and gas fields, design and operation of oil and gas pipelines and oil and gas storage facilities.
Advantages of training:
The graduate of the Master’s program on the scientific and pedagogical direction in the specialty “Oil and Gas Business” is awarded an academic degree of Master of Technical Sciences of Oil and Gas Business, the profile direction – Master of Technics and Technology of Oil and Gas Business.
Graduates who successfully mastered the educational master’s degree programs are prepared for training in doctoral studies.
The master student passes science-research, experimental-research practices and foreign scientific training.
The educational program of two-diploma study: – Tyumen Industrial University- Russian Federation.
Opportunities of students in the frame of the specialty: In the frame specialty “Oil and Gas Business” the student group “Zhas munaishy”  operates with purpose to perfect research works  and improve the qualification of personnel education.
Participation of master students in various scientific- research competitions, Olympiads, international symposiums and other events is at a high level. Master student of the specialty “Oil and gas business” – Islamberdiev Zh.A. took a part in the annual competition held in the framework of the V-th young professionals organized by JSC “KazMunaiGas”. In the section of JSC “Geology and development of deposits” he was awarded at the nomination “AUTHOR OF THE BEST PROJECT” on theme “Effective method of combating colmatation – cleaning the perforation interval”.
Academic relations with Ufa State University of Oil and Gas, Tyumen Industrial University, Astrakhan State Technical University, the Russian University of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin, the Chinese Oil Technical University and the Baku Oil Academy have been established for passage of scientific internships by undergraduates.

In the results of the progress, students have the opportunity to receive educational grants from the companies “KazMunaiGas” JSC, “Kurmangazy Petroleum” LP, “Tasbulatoil” LP, NCOC and others.

There is the international professional organization of technical specialists of oil production – the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) at CSUTI named after Sh. Yessenov. It provides students with comprehensive assistance and support in acquiring both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
Master students are members of the faculty council, actively participate in the public life of the university.
Abilities of master students who have completed Master course in specialty “Oil and Gas Business”: During the study period master students acquire knowledge and skills in efficient production and use of natural resources of oil and gas fields that raise the economy.
After graduation master students:

  • Know the technology of preventing and eliminating problems on oil and gas fields using modern technologies;
  • Know the programs for the design of field development;
  • Know the technologies for extracting hydrocarbons with hard recoverable reserves;
  • Know the technique and technology of enhanced oil recovery;
  • Know ways to solve oil production problems;
  • Knows the physical processes of oil and gas filtration;
  • Know the general principles of technology of oil and gas fields development;
  • Know methodology of teaching technical disciplines;
  • Have skills in summarizing scientific results;
  • Pass scientific internships;
  • Have skills to carry out scientific research

A graduate of master course who received an education in the specialty “Oil and Gas Business” will be able to work in the following sectors:
– scientific research centers;
-scientific research and design institutes;
– higher educational institutions;
– scientific and production centers;
– domestic and foreign major oil and gas companies;
– government agencies;
– public and political organizations, etc.

Brief information

Specialty code: 6M070800
Academic degree
On the profile direction: Master of Technics and Technology
On the scientific and pedagogical direction: Master of Technical Sciences
Form of training: full-time
Tuition fee: 396 000 tenge / 1 academic year

KSUTI named after Sh. Yessenov is really my University. While studying at this university, I had the opportunity to study in Bulgaria (University of Asen Zlatarov, Burgas) for six months under the "Academic Mobility" program. I took a part in projects and Olympiad in the specialty, where I took prize place. After participating in the competition of scientific projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and business contest "Enactus KAZAKHSTAN-2014", I had science interest and tried to make my first steps in science.

Bissembayeva Aigerim

Together with the theoretical training on the specialty, the greatest achievement is the performance of scientific works and participation in scientific projects. Ministry of Investment and Development of RK and JSC "National Agency for Technological Development" organized a competition of National Innovations. I took a part in this contest and was awarded a letter of thanks in the nomination "Best Innovative Project among students".

Sugirov Abai Berdigaliuly

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