Description of specialty:
The educational program “Law” is aimed at training specialists able to develop their skills in the field of enhancing the effectiveness of the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms; protection and support of business and other activities that do not contradict the legislation; prevention of offenses; education of citizenship and patriotism; respect for state symbols, intolerance of anti-constitutional and antisocial manifestations; formation and development of a high level of legal awareness and legal culture of the population. 
Advantages of learning:
Curriculum of specialty “Law” is realized at university in two directions:

  • Civil;
  • Criminal.

 Opportunities of students in the course of specialty:
There is the coterie “Themis”  in the course of specialty “Law” which is organized for the development of scientific-research work of students.
There are coteries of legal consultations which are organized for formation and development of practical professional skills of students.
Skills and abilities of students who have Bachelor degree on specialty “Law:
Within four years, students learn how to analyze social phenomena and give a legal assessment to them from a legal point of view.
After graduating from the course of specialty students: 

  • apply mechanisms to ensure the protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms from administrative, criminal offenses;
  • provide legal and public order;
  • provide legal assistance to the citizens when registering acts of civil status and legal entities;
  • participate in monitoring of control of equal and timely implementation of legislation at the state and regional levels;
  • provide solutions to arising disputes by filing a lawsuit with the courts;
  • provide citizens with professional legal assistance. 

Lawyers have opportunity to work at following institutions:
– judicial organs;
prosecution authorities;
– sub-departments of Ministry of Justice;
– practice of law sphere;
– notarial service;
– civil service;
– sub-departments of Ministry of Internal affairs;
– governmental and non-governmental organizations;
– entrepreneurial activity.

Short info

The code of specialty: 5B030100
Academic degree:
Bachelor of Law
Elective subject: Human. Society. Law
Specialized subject: History
Form and duration of course: intramural – 4 years
342 900 tenge / 1 academic year
On the basis of vocational secondary education
(distance education)
General elective discipline:
Elementary theory of state and law
Specialized discipline:
Civil law of RK
Duration of course3 years
175 000 tenge / 1 academic year

I am proud to have chosen Yessenov University. Within the walls of my university, I found good friends and discovered many new things. The university helped me to form as a person, revealed my potentials. I boldly look to the future because I am sure that the knowledge that was given to me and which I receive in the walls of my own university will help me in practice!

Ниязбекова Амина

Training in the field of university jurisprudence gives me the opportunity, on an equal footing with education, to be able to find legal ways of solving problems that I face in public life, including I manage to develop my abilities, prove the reliability of my opinions and positions in the field of state and legal phenomena. The school I choose gives me the opportunity to participate in various competitions and debates to improve these qualities.

Қожаберген Нарұл

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