Geology and exploration of mineral deposits

Description of the specialty: Nowadays, the  specialty “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” is among  demanded specialties. The program “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” provides knowledge and competence for work in organizations conducting geological exploration, companies of geological services in oil producing enterprises.
Geology is a specialty of increased demand, as the prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields, as well as the calculation of oil and gas reserves have tremendous strategic importance in the development of country economy. Geologists are engaged not only in the search for oil and gas, they also investigate  other types of mineral deposits and determine the economic significance of the deposit, and then give recommendations for industrial development of minerals resources.
Profession of geologist is multifaceted as geology is divided into the following branches: oil and gas geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, engineering geology, petrophysics, solid mineral geology, etc.
Training of bachelors of engineering and technology in the specialty “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” is carried out according to the state order and the needs of the labor market, providing high-quality vocational training and it provides for  trainees  general and special knowledge, abilities and skills, professional systems of competence in the field of production and technology, research, organizational and management, design and survey spheres.
Advantages of training:
Training in the specialty “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” provides opportunities to obtain all three academic levels within the walls of the university. This specialty is one of those that gives the prospect of continuous continuation of studies in the magistracy, then in doctoral studies.
The educational program of two-diploma study: – Tyumen Industrial University- Russian Federation.
Opportunities of students in the frame of the specialty: Section “Young Geologist” functions in order to develop the research activities of students in the specialty “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits”.
Participation of students in various scientific and research competitions, Olympiads, international symposiums and other events is at a high level.
Students of the specialty ” Geology and exploration of mineral deposits ” take a part in the republican subject Olympiads on the specialty, which take place in Almaty, where they take prize-winning places II and III, demonstrating a high level of knowledge.
Our university is in the forefront of the rating on the specialty “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” among the universities of Kazakhstan.
In the results of the progress, students have the opportunity to receive educational grants from the companies “KazMunaiGas” JSC, “Kurmangazy Petroleum” LP, “Tasbulatoil” LP and others.
According to the contract with the university “Professors Dr. Asen Zlatarov” students have the opportunity to study in Bulgaria within the framework of the academic mobility program for six months.
There is the international professional organization of technical specialists of oil production – the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) at CSUTI named after Sh. Yessenov. It provides students with comprehensive assistance and support in acquiring both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
Abilities of students who have completed a Bachelor’s program  in specialty “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits”:
– have mobility in the changing conditions of professional activity;
– demonstrate the ability to formulate and solve problems arising in the course of professional, research activities;
– demonstrate the ability of motivation to study the issues of geology and subsoil exploration, the state and prospects of industry development, legislative basis of subsoil use, and the requirements for the quality of mineral raw materials and the conjuncture of the world, regional and local markets.
After graduation students:
– are able to apply methods of studying and analyzing the composition and properties of geological bodies and minerals in bowels;
– master the methodological basis for conducting all types of geological survey, prospecting and exploration using remote, drilling, mining, geophysical, geochemical and laboratory research methods;
– know the practical application of different types of geological maps for forecasting and prospecting for minerals;
– know the technical capabilities and conditions of effective use of drilling, geophysical, mining equipment, modern instruments and equipment;
– know economy and organization of geological exploration in modern conditions;
– have an idea about  ​​the legal basis of subsoil use, labor protection and environment in geological works.
A graduate who received an education in the specialty “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits will be able to work in the following sectors:
-scientific research and design institutes;
– large oil companies;
– department of geology and subsoil use;
– exploration and drilling companies;
– enterprises of geophysical service;
– scientific and production centers;
– domestic and foreign enterprises on subsoil use;
– government agencies;
– political and public organizations, etc.

Brief information

Specialty code: 5В070600
Academic degree: Bachelor of engineering and technology in specialty “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits”
Subject of choice: Physics
Profile subject: Mathematics
Form and period of study: full-time – 4 years
Tuition fee: 346 600 tenge / 1 academic year
On the basis of secondary vocational education (distance study)
General profile subject: Physics
Profile subject: General geology
Period of study: 3 years
Tuition fee: 175 000 tenge / 1 academic year

The faculty organizes various competitions with purpose to develop the creative potential and physical training of students. At the frame of the "25th anniversary of independence of Republic of Kazakhstan" I took a part in city athletics competitions, where I became the holder of the "Fast Sport" certificate. In the Olympiad in Russian, conducted in groups with non-Russian language of study, I took 3rd place, had made a presentation on the topic: " acquaintance with Mangistau".

Zhumagazy Dana

Thanks to training under the guidance of leading teachers of university and self-education, I took the prize-winning place and was awarded with the diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Republic.

Demegenov Aidynbek

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