Characteristics of the specialty:
Education of highly educated youth, able to independently acquire new knowledge, and acquire skills and training that will allow them to successfully adapt to changing technologies throughout their professional careers. Preparation for scientific and creative work, critical interpretation of results, formation of responsibility for their professional activity in the conditions of the modern rapidly changing world. The staff of the department performs a significant role in the preparation of competitive specialists. In addition to the profession of a teacher, the master of physics forms the skills of a scientific employee in any branch of production and can continue further education in doctoral studies.
Possibilities of undergraduates in the framework of training in magistracy:
Magistrates in the framework of training in the specialty “Physics” master deep knowledge in the field of modern topical problems of physics. The students passed an internship at the Astrakhan State University and attended lectures of the faculty of the department “Theoretical Physics and Methods of Teaching Physics”. They actively participate in annual university, regional and city scientific and practical conferences and projects.
A graduate who graduated from the specialty “Physics” is able to:
Plan the organization, coordination and implementation of research and educational programs, and also is able to analyze and forecast various phenomena and processes in the field under study. To master the methods of conducting all types of training sessions (lecture, seminar, practical and laboratory classes).
Master after completion of studies:

  • Can use different models of training (traditional, innovative, etc.);
  • Is able to define and specify social and personally significant goals and objectives of training in specific conditions;
  • Can develop a methodology and mechanism for selecting the content of education in the learning process.

Master of Physics after graduation can work in the following institutions, organizations:
– teacher in institutions of secondary and vocational education, methodologist, head of educational, methodological, educational work, etc.
– in state institutions (administrative, youth committees, city and district departments of education), a specialist at various levels;
– in higher educational institutions;
– in research centers.

Short information

Specialty code: 6M011000
Academic degree:
Profile direction: Master of Education in specialty 6M011000 – “Physics”
Scientific and pedagogical direction: Master of Education in the specialty “6M011000 – Physics”
Type of training: Full-time
Paid training:396 000 tenge / 1 academic year

My biggest achievement in the magistracy is that I took the second place in the team competition of student socially significant innovative projects "My contribution to the country's innovative development". Thanks to my teachers!

Demegenov Bauyrzhan

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