Description of specialty: 

Today, the specialty “Economics” belongs to a number of the most popular specialties. Specialty “Economics” is aimed at deep theoretical and practical training of comprehensively educated, intellectually developed specialists in the field of economics.

An economist is a specialist who must have a wide range of economic and administrative training, independently navigate in modern information flows, in economic laws and mechanisms of their operation, adapt to dynamically changing processes in the world of economy, make specific economic and organizational decisions in conditions of risk and uncertainty.

 Advantages of learning: 

Curriculum of specialty “Economics” is realized at university in two directions:

  • Economic anatomist;
  • Economist – enterpreneur;
  • International economist. 

Opportunities of students in the course of specialty: 

There is the coterie “Economics”  in the course of specialty “Economics” which is organized for the development of scientific-research work of students. The result of scientific-research activity of students is their participation and gains in subject olympiad, contests, conferences and other scientific events. 

Skills and abilities of students who have Bachelor degree on specialty “Economics: 

Graduated students of the Caspian state university of technology and engineering named after Sh. Yessenov, who have Bachelor degree on specialty “Economics”, solve economic and organizational problems, analyze information, possesse theoretical knowledge and practical skills, own computer technology skills, and have sufficient knowledge to make non-standard practical decisions. Graduated students are ready for the quality performance of practical assignments in the framework of financial, administrative, managerial and commercial functions. 

After graduating from the course of specialty students must: 

  • Have basic knowledge in the field of natural sciences (social, humanitarian, economic) disciplines that contribute to the formation of a highly educated person with a broad outlook and a culture of thinking;
  • Have skills to use modern technology, be able to use information technology in the field of professional activity;
  • Possess the basics of economic knowledge, have scientific ideas about management, marketing, finance, etc.;
  • Know and understand the goals and methods of state regulation of economy, the role of the public sector in the economy;
  • Be able to navigate in modern information flows and adapt to dynamically changing phenomena and processes in the global economy;
  • Have skills in economic and organizational decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and risk;
  • Have skills of development and justifying the socio-economic indicators that characterize the activities of economic entities, and the methods for calculating them;
  • Be engaged in search, analysis and evaluation of information sources for conducting economic calculations;
  • Assess the effectiveness of projects taking into account the uncertainty factor;
  • Develop and justify proposals for their improvement;
  • Forecast the dynamics of the main socio-economic indicators of the enterprise, industry, region and the economy as a whole;
  • Have skills to acquire new knowledge necessary for daily professional work and continue education on Master degree.

Economist can work in following companies:

  • National corporations and companies (JSC NWF “SAMRUK-KAZYNA”, Oil company “KAZMUNAYGAZ”);
  • Joint-stock companies (JSC “KAZAKHTELECOM” , JSC “KAZPOST”);
  • Governing bodies of economics and finances (ministries and agencies);
  • Political and public

Short info

The code of specialty: 5B050600
Academic degree:
Bachelor of economics and business
Elective subject: Geography
Specialized subject: Mathematics
Form and duration of course: intramural – 4 years
342 900 tenge / 1 academic year 
On the basis of vocational secondary education
(distance education)
General elective discipline:
Finance and credit
Specialized discipline:
Organization of economics
Duration of course3 years
175 000 tenge / 1 academic year

In 2015, I became a 1st year student of Economics at Caspian state University of technologies and engineering.Sh.Yessenov. I am proud that I am studying at the University of our region. The University has created all conditions, as well as continue to create conditions for effective and fruitful study of students.

Adilkhanova Tilekshi

I would like to Express my gratitude to the entire faculty of the University for the opportunities and support provided. Thanks to the educational programs that operate within the walls of the University, I got a chance to study (1 semester) in Bulgaria within the framework of academic mobility.

Sarbayeva Asiya

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