Chemical engineering of organic substances

The description of specialty:

A specialty “Chemical engineering of organic substances” is one of the more demanded professions in the labor market. This profession teaches creation technology and preparation of organic substance, the technology of oil-refining, gas and hydrocarbon raw material by teaching discipline created on the basis by large region manufacturing facilities` technologies, and reproduce all knowledge when student pass occupational training.

As a result of absorptive such specialty to student provides an opportunity to examine the development and constructing new chemical technologies production of organic materials; to operate technological lines of organic synthesis industries and oil-refining; to provide labor protection measures; to conduct technical documentation.


The advantages of study in this specialization:

To implement educational process the department has the available material basis including specialized laboratories and audience.


The opportunities for students from this specialty:

In order to improve student`s research the department “Chemical engineering of organic substances”, professors and qualified teachers involved in research work.

The graduates-bachelor can continue studying on the educational programme, where they can get a magister`s degree.


After complete educational programme student can:

  • carry out the organization and implementation input monitoring commodities and, substance materials and supporting materials, used in the manufacture of organic material.
  • assessing the compositions and properties of the source material, intermediate products in order to possibly of developing a new technological process, which will provide high quality.
  • can conduct technological control operating technological lines of processes and technical equipment for production and processing organic material, oil-refining, gas and coal, polymer, elastomers, synthetic fiber in accordance with the requirements of industry and technological rules, and documentation; have the skill to conduct the analysis of oil and organic materials.
  • can use their knowledge in a professional and a social area.
  • can solve the problems in their professional and social work
  • acquiring most important skills which provide holistically perception scientific picture of the world, can use their skills to develop life and improve yourself.
  • can plan and organize technology process of organic substance`s production
  • can conduct a feasibility study of the company
  • get new knowledge with using modern study technology.


The students of this specialty can successfully make next types of activities:

  • participate in production-technological processes:
  • scientific-research centers
  • scientific-research institutions
  • scientific-production center
  • large domestic and abroad oil companies
  • laboratories of oil companies

Short information

Specialty code:  5B072100
Academic Degree:
Bachelor of Science in Technology
Elective course: Chemistry
Profile subject: Physics
Form and terms of training:
Full-time – 4 years
Cost of education:
346 600 tenge / 1 academic year
On the base of the medium vocational education
(distance learning)
General Subject:
Profile subject:
General chemical technology
Duration of training: 3 years
Cost of education:
175 000 tenge / 1 academic year

Various sports and cultural clubs have been created at the university, which contribute to the comprehensive development of students. I am an actress of student theater organization "Zhas Orken". Students take an active part in various cultural events and public works at the university.

Kuanova Ainur

During my studies at the CSUTE named after Sh. Yessenov I managed to participate in various competitions. I took the third place in the chess tournament, for which I was awarded a diploma, and also received a cash prize from the regional akim. Lecturers at the university can explain everything, in laboratory classes there is an opportunity to do laboratory work by myself, and this helped me a lot in the training practice.

Ordabayeva Dariya

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