The popularity of basketball and the wide use of the physical fitness system are determined primarily by the complexity of the game, its high emotionality, the exciting effects of entertainment, and the training of young people. The collective wealth of action is essential to the cultivation of friendship and partnership, the habit of converting their activities to the interests of the team. Increasing competitiveness, contributes to the cultivation of persistence, clarity, purposefulness.The influence of the game on the formation of different movements and strengthening the internal organs of the body is complex and versatile. Continuous monitoring of the gaming process will help to develop opportunities for wider dissemination and attention, spatial and temporal orientation.
Basketball creates favorable conditions for the training of experienced professionals, develops control of emotions and actions, and contributes to the education of creative initiatives.

Head of the boys’ section Kacherovsky Yaroslav Vyacheslavovich, coach of professional basketball club “Caspiy”
Head of the girls section Arakelyan Hamlet Bagratovich, coach of professional basketball club “Caspiy”

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