Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

Assembly of KazakhstanPeople (AKP) department is an educational and scientific structural unit of the faculty of Basic Yessenov University, formed to organize educational, methodical, research and expert-analytical activities on topical issues of public policy in the field of social harmony and national unity,upbringing of student youth in the spirit of citizenship, tolerance, service to society and new Kazakhstan patriotism.

The educational and methodical activity of the department is aimed at providing educational services for first-year students of all specialties of the university in disciplines such as “Philosophy”, “Kazakhstan model of social harmony”, “Youth Policy”. Since September 1, the innovative discipline “Service learning” has been included, aimed at shaping an active life position in students by including them in solving real problems of society and focused on learning the skills of project activities, understanding the psychological foundations of effective communication.
The content of theoretical courses is distinguished by systematic and substantive concreteness of the covered problems. The innovative educational model “flipped classroom” with the introduction of electronic online technologies is usedto improve the efficiency of teaching.


 Scientificresearch activity is related to the organization of scientific and analytical research and monitoring to identify the dynamics of the development of the ethno social situation in Mangystau. In this direction, the scientific and intellectual potential of the department allows you to work in close cooperation with government agencies and organizations, such as “Internal Policy Department of Mangystau Region”, “Culture Department of Mangystau Region”in order to implement the state social order in the organization and research. Educational work is aimed at organizing events for the active involvement of students in the formation of the Kazakh civil identity and a competitive nation.Nowadays the department of the AKP has become the main dialogue platform for discussing topical issues of our time, developing youth competence in the field of volunteerism, motivating them to show an effective initiative in solving the tasks of building prosperous Kazakhstan.

The department has a specialized scientific and methodological study, the depository in the university library, organized on the basis of scientific works, research in the field of interethnic and interfaith relations, materials on the history formation of Mangystau, life and work of the region’s ethnic and cultural associations.

We study the subject "Service learning", which are taught by the teachers of the Department of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.Through this course we develop critical thinking, learn teamwork in the course of project activities.

Ragapov Khamit

I am very glad that I have chosen from many universities and entered this University. Teachers of the "Foundation" faculty, especially the Department of "Assembly of people of Kazakhstan", helped greatly in adapting us after school to the University.The lessons were very interesting, there are many opportunities to implement social projects on the subject "Service learning"

Urynbasarova Zhansaya

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