Scientific projects

Scientific projects

The university conducts research projects in many fields and strives to expand the knowledge of students through innovation, analysis and cooperation.

The main directions of research work:

1) development of oil and gas fields;

2) petrochemical, processing of hydrocarbons;

3) geo-ecology and protection of natural resources of the region;

4) use of alternative energy sources;

5) information technology;

6) study of the history, literary and linguistic heritage of the region in the context of the cultural and national values of Mangistau, the development of ethnic culture.

Research projects carried out by scientists of the University:

– Assistance to Kazakh universities in the process of providing technologically enhanced quality education;

– Grant agreement under the CATOUR program;

– Geothermal energy is an affordable source of heat and electricity;

– Use of the potential of the waves of the Caspian Sea in electricity generation;

– Startup Bolashak project “My Dreams”;

– 10 projects within the framework of the Program “Spiritual Revival”