Social and educational work

The main directions of the educational work are determined by achieving the goals and objectives of the educational and social work of the “Engineering” department. The educational work at the department is conducted in the following eight areas:

  1. Kazakhstani patriotism and civil education, legal education
  2. Spiritual and moral education
  3. National education
  4. Family education
  5. Labor, environmental, and economic education
  6. Intellectual education, education of Information Culture
  7. Multicultural and artistic-aesthetic education
  8. Physical education, healthy lifestyle

The educational work is one of the priorities of the sub-departments. The educational work with students of the specialty is engaged by curators (supervisors) who are assigned at the beginning of the academic year. The group curators choose activists of the group, elect the headman, observe the educational process, supervise the attendance and academic performance of the students during the academic year. The Council of the Department discusses the problems of educational work (attendance, academic performance, activities).

The educational work is carried out by supervisors in the following ways:

  1. Method of motivation (tasks, requirements), organized with the students help.
  2. Methods of evaluation and self-appraisal are carried out by evaluation of the activities and by helping students with self-motivation (reward, warning, confidence building, control, self-control).

The supervisors use the following methods in their work:

  1. Organizational (group, individually)
  2. Cognitive (question, interview, competition, conference, etc.)
  3. Moral education (round table, seminar, literary and musical nights, open days of the department and sub-departments)

One of the directions is intellectual education, education of information culture. The purpose of this direction is the development and formation of intellectual abilities, the development of skills for intellectual work, the development of interest in research activities, the organization of competitions of student creativity (scientific, engineering, and art), and the preparation of students for various Olympiads in the specialty. The faculty has the following clubs: Young environmentalist, Young technologist, Engineering Club.

To create leading youth groups for involving the students in the sphere of their leisure time, the Students Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) was created at the “Engineering” Faculty of the Sh. Yessenov KGUTI. The president of the section is the student of the NGD-16-1 group Sakypzhan E. Sixty students of the “Engineering” Faculty are the members of the club. As part of the work of the Student Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, courses on the field of oil and gas were organized between October 29, 2016 and November 29, 2016. The moderator of the courses is the chief specialist of “Schlumberger” Company Beybit Akbaev. According to the work plan of the Section for the 2017-18 academic year, in November-December 2017 the students of the KGUTI named after Sh. Yessenov were given 6 lectures by employees of “KazNIPImunaigas” LLC.

The students of the faculty constantly take prizes at various competitions, contests, and sports events.

On September 18-22, 2017, during the week of languages, the Department of “Kazakh Language and Literature” organized an essay competition on the topic: “The transition to the Latin alphabet is a requirement of the time”. The students of the E-16-1 group Sagira Karzhaubaeva and Anelya Sarsenbaeva participated in the competition. Anelya Sarsenbaeva took the 1st place.

On December 7, 2017, the students of the KhTOV-16-1 group of the “Ecology and Chemical Technologies” Department took the 2nd place in the competition of the best videos among students of universities and colleges of Mangystau region in order to promote anti-corruption culture on the topic: “Be honest”.

In December 2017, to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an essay contest was held in Aktau on the topic: “The First President and my Motherland”. In this competition the student of NGD-16-1 group Yermek Amanmyrzaev took the 2nd place.

The student of the NGD-16-1 group of the “Engineering” Faculty, Samat Kadyrkhanov, took the 1st place at the international karate tournament “The Bosphorus Cup” which was held in Istanbul (Turkey) from March 8 to March 11, 2018.

On March 16 Aytuarova Z.Zh., the director of the Mangystau Regional Library named after K. Sydykov, organized a regional contest dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz Day and the 55th anniversary of Aktau city on the topic: “How can I not be proud of myself?” The 3rd year students of the E-15-1 group, the “Engineering” Faculty, the Department of “Ecology and Chemical Technologies” participated in the competition and took the 1st place.

During the “Yessenov Fest” festival held on April 13-14 and dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana city, the 55th anniversary of Aktau city, and the University Day, a competition of creative teams of faculties was organized. The competition was held among the teams of faculties, with the purpose of developing the spiritual culture and creativity of students, identification and support of young talents. The results of the competition were announced by a jury consisting of workers of culture and art of Aktau city. According to the results of the “Yessenov Fest” festival contest, the “Engineering” Faculty took the first place.

Educational work of the faculty is conducted in 8 directions. These are: 1) education of Kazakhstan’s patriotism and civilian rigths; 2) moral upbringing; 3) national education; 4) family education; 5) labor, economic and environmental education; 6) multicultural and artistic-aesthetic education; 7) intellectual education, education of information culture; 8) physical education,of a healthy lifestyle.

The number of students who took part in contests for educational work and won prizes: in the national events – 2 students, in regional events – 2 students, in city events – 6 students.