Educational-material assets of Caspian State University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh. Esenov

The University has 3 teaching and laboratory buildings with a total area of ​​42,541.0 square meters, 3 hostels with a total area of ​​19594.9 square meters for 1082 beds, a sports complex with gyms and gaming halls, a swimming pool, outdoor sports grounds with a total area of ​​15,476.8 square meters, a health-improving student complex “Zhastar” with an area of ​​3,812 sq. m., a sports and health center and a student dispensary with an area of 24 284 sq.m., training and production facilities of the Tokpak area of ​​Zhyngyldy with a total area of ​​26 793 sq.m., the educational and production base of Taushyk LLP, 3 dining rooms and 5 buffets 1598.0 sq.m., 390 sq.m. places, medical center with an area of ​​35.0 sq.m. Assembly halls, conference halls-627sq.m for 473 seats.

Specialized audiences, educational and scientific laboratories are equipped with modern educational and scientific equipment necessary for the implementation of educational programs in the specialties of the university.

Educational buildings, student hostels of the university are decorated in the same style. In all educational buildings the state symbols are represented: flag, emblem, anthem. Subject to the specifics of specialties in the premises of the university, there are thematic stands. They reflect the life of Caspian State University in the whole, information about specialties, achievements, educational, scientific and educational work.

In order to foster love for the Motherland, stands on Kazakhstan subjects have been prepared, and the socio-political life of the republic is represented. The stands about the great scientists known in the history of science are decorated; the names of the scientists who contributed to the formation and development of the university are open.

There is a medical center equipped with the necessary equipment and medicines. The clinic provides assistance to the polyclinic in carrying out anti-epidemic measures (medical supervision and examination of contact students, referral to the clinic to the supervising physician for the detection of any diseases). And also provides primary, emergency, medical assistance to students and employees in cases of injuries and illnesses, emergency conditions during sporting events and testing, exercises control over the sanitary and hygienic condition of educational buildings, dormitories, food parlors, during disinfection, deratization works. The control over the timely passage of staff check-ups and the control of the annual passage of the students’ fluorography are being monitored.

Главный учебный корпус № 1,32 микрорайон г. Актау.

Учебный корпус № 2,24 микрорайон г. Актау.

Учебный корпус № 3,11 микрорайон г. Актау.

Спортивный комплекс с бассейном 32 микрорайон г.Актау.

Общежитие на 132 места ,3Б микрорайон г.Актау.

Общежитие на 450 мест, 27 микрорайон г.Актау.

Общежитие на 500 мест,32 микрорайон г.Актау.

Специализированные аудитории, учебные и научные лаборатории.

Лекционный зал на 170 мест

Студенческое общежитие на 500 мест, 32 мкр

Студенческая столовая на 40 мест 2 этаж

Библиотека 4 этаж общежития на 500 мест 32 мкр

Салон красоты 3 этаж при общежитии 32 мкр

Оздоровительный студенческий комплекс "Жастар",прибрежный зоне напротив 7 микрорайон г. Актау.

Спорткомплекс и спортивные залы университета.

Спортзал учебного корпуса № 2,24 мкр.

Спортзал учебного корпуса № 2,24 мкр.

Спортивный комплекс с бассейном 32 микрорайон г.Актау

Спортивный зал

Тренажерный зал


Боксерский зал

Фитнес зал

Борцовский зал

Медицинский пункт