Department of registration

[wdc_heading align=”justify” title=””]Aim – calculation of the academic rating of students in conditions of credit technology environment, qualitative registration exercise of students’ educational achievements for the entire period of education. [/wdc_heading]


  • organization of educational process;
  • organization and registration of students for disciplines;
  • control of educational achievements of students;
  • control of timely execution of the academic calendar;
  • organization and control over the implementation of mark-rating of system of education;
  • storage of the academic records of students’ educational achievements.


  • preparation of guidebook;
  • organization and holding orientation week;
  • execution and coordination of invitations to entrance for foreigners and stateless persons to Republic of Kazakhstan, issuance, cancellation, restoration of visas for the Republic of Kazakhstan, extension and reduction of period of validity of visas;
  • formation of academic groups;
  • providing students with record books and student cards;
  • addition of database, which is reflecting characteristics of students (form of payment, military specialty, social situation);
  • formulation of students’ individual curriculums;
  • formation of electronic journals and control of filling in time in automated information system;
  • introduction of students’ educational achievements history;
  • completing and storage of students’ personal files (with full list of documents);
  • organization of the procedure of recognition and nostrification foreign students’ diplomas;
  • compilation of a state statistical report to the statistical office (1 tax code, 3 tax code)
  • formation of reporting data, including data of the statistical reporting (unified control system of higher education);
  • coordinating of academic mobility of students;
  • organization and holding of all types of monitoring of learning achievements: students’ current, mid-term, landmark and end-of-course assessment;
  • organization and control of holding of state exams, defence of diploma project (work);
  • preparation and issuance of diplomas and supplements to diploma;
  • organization of work of the appeal commissions and preservation of protocols of the sittings of the appeal commissions;
  • control of academic rating of admission;
  • calculation of annual translated point (GPA);
  • preparation and issuance of transcripts;
  • accounting of released places on state educational scholarships (according the results of examinations);
  • organization of summer term aimed to deal underperformance and difference in education programs;
  • academic ranking (ranging) of students;
  • sending the monthly statistical report on change of the contingent of students (MES RK, management of statistics, accounts department);
  • reporting on movement of the contingent of students;
  • issuance of copies of documents of students
  • issuance of certificates to foreign students;
  • issuance of certificates to conscripted students;
  • issuance of SCPP and ‘to whom it may concern’ certificates from place of study;
  • preparation of information to defence department (military personnel);
  • organization of work with “Military” department;
  • reception of applications on restoration, transfers, academic leave;
  • written request to documents of students transferred from another university and restored students;
  • preparation and ordering about contingent of students;
  • ensuring reception, storage and issue of forms of strict accountability (forms of diplomas, academic certificates, supplements to diplomas, etc.);
  • transfer of educational documentation to the archive;
  • state services;
  • preparation and execution of duplicates of diplomas and supplements in case of their loss, damage, change of a surname;
  • preparation and execution of certificates of non-completed (postgraduate) education;
  • preparation of reply to students’ letters and applications;

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