Department of organization of admission and electronic maintenance

[wdc_heading title=” “]Department of organization of admission and electronic maintenance is one of the structural units of Sh.Yessenov Caspian State University of technologies and engineering[/wdc_heading]

Main tasks of Department of organization of admission and electronic maintenance:

• Development and practical implementation of a system of measures that ensure high and qualitative admission of entrants for training on educational programs of higher professional and postgraduate education;
• Organization and coordination of career guidance at the university;
• Organization of the work of the admission committee for direct admission of documents and organization of admission tests;
• Counseling of entrants and their parents about the rules of admission and maintenance of educational services;
• Implementation and maintenance of software complexes required to automate the management of the distance learning process.
• Implementation of work on filling the base of entrants in the automated information system (AIS);
• Creation of a database reflecting the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of recruitment of students, carrying out analytical processing of data • and generating reporting data, including statistical reporting;
• Control over the well-timed filling of the portal with electronic educational and methodical complexes;
• Control of the availability of all components of electronic educational and methodical complexes of the portal;
• Forming and recording of distributions of specialties;
• Organization of training of university employees on the work in the automated information system;
• Participation in the maintenance of local networks and distance learning software;
• Development of instructions for working with distance learning programs, preparation of necessary technical documentation;
• Maintenance of the implemented programs and software.

B1-04, 1st floor, Yessenov University, microdistrict 32, Aktau city

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