Printing house

[wdc_heading title=””] The printing house was founded in 2002 for the qualitative preparation and production of educational and methodological literature developed by the teachers of the university. The total area of the printing house is 120 square meters. The majority of the auditor fund has a special purpose and is equipped with the corresponding modern digital technologies XEROX Workcentre, FRONT guillotine 670HP, Laminator roll RSL-380, Cover maker machine 3 in 1 SK-950C, Glue machine JS500, Hot stamping press TC-800T, Scanner Epson WorkForce DS-50000, Automatic hot melt adhesive А3 FJ-805LH.[/wdc_heading]

Throughout the historical period, the editorial staff ensures fulfillment in orders at a high polygraphic level, providing the needs of the university. The achieved level of technical equipment, constant transformation and modernization of the main and auxiliary production, as well as the professional of the printing house’s specialist’s make it possible to provide the university with printed products with the production and circulation of publications: books, pamphlets, Zhas tolkyn newspaper, collections of scientific papers, textbooks, monographs and other periodicals editions of the university, as well as other educational, scientific, reference literature providing the educational and scientific process. For students of the university published a reference book, a catalog of elective disciplines, educational and methodological complexes of disciplines and syllabuses in all disciplines of specialties of the university. Every year more than 1000 books can be printed at the printing house. For example, over 800 orders are being fulfilled for a year.

Currently, the printing house is making significant efforts to promote services and expand the client area. Printing house is a necessary and essential element of the university mechanism.