Educational-methodical department

Educational-methodical department

The teaching and methodological department is a structural subdivision of the Caspian State University of Technologies and Engineering named after Sh. Yessenov.
The purpose of the activity of the teaching and methodical department is the management of the educational and methodical process and systematic improvement of it through the use of advanced technologies and tools that contribute to improving the efficiency of the educational process and the quality of teaching.
The main activities of the teaching and methodical department – the planning and organization of the educational process, the coordination of all forms of educational and methodological work of the departments and faculties in the training of highly qualified specialists, the introduction of new educational programs and innovative technologies.

The main tasks of the educational-methodical department:

• organization of educational and methodical process;
• planning, organization of expertise and recommendation for the publication of academic, educational and methodological literature published by the university;
• educational and methodological support of the educational process in accordance with the normative legal documents, state compulsory standards, MES RK, orders of the rector;
• organization and coordination of educational and methodical work of faculties and departments;
• introduction of new technologies and teaching methods, participation in the development of recommendations for improving the organization of the educational process;
• organization and holding of seminars, conferences, meetings on improving educational and methodical work;
• organization of works on automation of educational process management;
• coordination of the activities of departments and faculties of the University in the direct employment of graduates;
• collecting, summarizing, analyzing and providing students with information on the status and trends of the labor market, on the requirements for the graduate;
• assistance in the organization of the procedure for the distribution of graduates trained in the state educational order (personal distribution);
• organization of employers’ meetings with graduates on the issues of their further employment, holding job fairs, master classes, trainings, presentations of enterprises, companies;
• making contracts with practical bases;
• analysis and control of all types of practices in all areas and specialties.

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