Association of graduates

Association of graduates of the Caspian State University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh.Esenov (CSUTE named after Sh.Esenov) is a structural unit at the University, created to unite the University graduates, their social progress and development, and to effectively use their potential to strengthen the status of theuniversity.
Association of graduates is a division that organizes the interaction of graduates with the university. In order to consolidate graduates, strengthen university relations with graduates, develop the system of external relations

The mission of the Association of graduates is the consolidation and social promotion of university graduates of all generations. United and successful, graduates will be able to effectively promote the progressive development of the university.

The main objectives of the Association are: strengthening the corporate spirit among students and graduates of the university of all generations, consolidating and social promotion of graduates, their self-realization, increasing the effectiveness of using the intellectual potential of graduates of the university and the university’s capacity for training and retraining of persons, who will be demand on the labor market and successful in career growth . United and successful graduates are able to contribute to the dynamic development of Yessenov University

The main tasks of the Association ofgraduates:
1) create a data bank about the graduates of the University to ensure the constant communication of graduates with the university and amongthemselves;
2) contributes to the improvement and development of cultural and educational work with students;

3) takes part in the work of career guidance for young people, assists in the organization of recruitment, distribution and placement of graduates, ensures the establishment of social partnership, harmonization and implementation of the mutual interests of employers, state and local authorities, educational institutions, public organizations with the university;
4) provides assistance to the university in strengthening the material and technical base;
5) promote meetings of university graduates.

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