Preparation of high- qualified specialists

Bachelor degree

Formation of the basis of higher education

Master degree

The stage of development of professional education


The stage of development of professional education


Extend perception of the basis of field knowledge

For prospective students

Study is carried out in intramural form, for graduates of colleges and higher education institutions – in intramural and extramural forms by shortened program using distance learning technologies.

For prospective students from other countries

Become an active participant of fascinating moments of student life, use the opportunity to get professional knowledge and conduct research in modern laboratories of international education and science of the Caspian region

Yessenov subject Olympiad

18 grants are given to the academic Shakhmardan Yessenov Olympiad. Do not miss your opportunity to become the “Best of the Best” in an intellectual contest.

Postgraduate education

Strive to achieve excellence in education and science. Do not miss the opportunity to get Master degree, PhD in the humanities and technology sciences.

Абитуриентам колледжа

Колледж открылся в 2018 году и является структурным подразделением Yessenov University. Колледж осуществляет образовательную деятельность по 17 специальностям (22 квалификациям). Обучение ведется на государственном и русском языках на базе 9 и 11 классов, по дневной и заочной формам.

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